make your own website

  1. Install Quarto on your machine.
  2. Install VS Code.
  3. Open a GitHub account. Choose a good username for you, this will be also the name of your website.
  4. Get acquainted with basic markdown syntax. You will be writing in markdown, this is a good investment of your time.

The more you know about git and basic command line instructions, the easier all this will be. You don’t need to be a jedi master in computers to make this work, this is not hard, I promisse. Quarto has a great webpage with detailed explanations. Also, ChatGPT can help you if you’re lucky.

random tips


Use icons on your website with iconify and fontawesome. You can actually use a wide variety of extensions, check them out.


You can configure whatever you need in the _quarto.yml file. I’ll paste here my html formatting for reference.

  # see all available themes
  - flatly            # chose whatever theme you find suitable
  - custom.scss       # customize how your website looks
  fontsize: 1.2em     # self explanatory
  # choose a nice highlight style for the code
  highlight-style: breezedark # monokai # breezedark # espresso
    - includes.html          # you might need to use css configurations in all your pages
  code-line-numbers: true    # turn on line numbering
    # if you defined repo-url, this will link your website to it.
    # repo-url:
    source: repo  #
  callout-icon: false
  fig-align: center         # center images as default
  # the default MathJax rendering option yields ugly results, use katex
  html-math-method: katex

configure your notebook with a suitable header

You could start your jupyter notebook with a markdown cell with this header

# this jupyter notebook title

but in case you need a lot of control over the details, consider using:

title: "this jupyter notebook title"
  # echo: false  # chose this if you don't want to see the code at all, just the output
  freeze: auto  # re-render only when source changes, VERY useful
    code-fold: true                 # hide code blocks, show them upon click
    code-summary: "Show the code"   # rename button to show code block

obvious statement

This very website is a “Quarto website” project hosted on github. Click on “ Code” on the top of the page to go to the github repository. Then copy whatever you want, it’s all open for everyone to see.