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Senior Lecturer
Institute of Environmental Sciences
  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


I’m interested in the interactions between soil, water and vegetation in drylands, in both natural and agricultural ecosystems. Our goal is to understand how the basic processes and feedbacks influence the ecosystem dynamics, and how this knowledge can be used to control those systems.

The common theme between my different research projects is land/ecosystem degradation caused by human activity.

Our research is based on “simple” mathematical models, that strive to capture the essential physical processes, while providing deep insight into the dynamics of the system. Some of the tools we use in the modeling of environmental questions come from dynamical systems, statistical physics and optimal control theory.

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I love to write code, and I made available on the Tutorials page some working examples in Python and LaTeX. Check it out!

How to find me
+972 8 948 9386
Rehovot Campus, Lubell building, office 19. Map here

Samuel Karlin
The purpose of models is not to fit the data but to sharpen the questions.