Default Matplotlib colormaps

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Colormap Reference

Matplotlib colormap tricks

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Hayk An’s color scale generator

Make your colormap in seconds
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Color palette generator. Copy #hex color in seconds.
Gradient, Monochromatic, Click Here

Color Pals

Roni Kaufman’s extremely pleasing palettes.
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Wes Anderson Palettes

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Color palettes for Python.
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# how to import colormap
from palettable.colorbrewer.qualitative import Dark2_7
# how to retrieve color list

Image Color Picker

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Upload your own image, use a picture from the internet, load a whole website!

ColorBrewer 2.0

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Specifying Matplotlib Colors

xkcd, tableau, css
Click Here. List of named colors

Changing Lightness of Matplotlib Color

import matplotlib.colors
import colorsys
import numpy as np
def add_lightness(color_name, L):
    Receives a color name ("red", "tab:blue", "xkcd:green", etc),
    Returns RGB values of same color with lightness L added to it (can be negative too)
    color_hls = colorsys.rgb_to_hls(*matplotlib.colors.to_rgb(color_name))
    new_color_hls = np.array(color_hls)
    new_color_hls[1] = new_color_hls[1] + L
    if new_color_hls[1] > 1.0: new_color_hls[1] = 1.0
    if new_color_hls[1] < 0.0: new_color_hls[1] = 0.0
    new_shade_rgb = colorsys.hls_to_rgb(*new_color_hls)
    return new_shade_rgb

add_lightness("gold", 0.1)