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The poster mentions 4 papers we have worked on lately:

Isaac Kramer, Yuval Bayer, and Yair Mau. The Sustainability of Treated Wastewater Irrigation: The Impact of Hysteresis on Soil Hydraulic Conductivity . (under review, WRR), 2021.

Taiwo Adeyemo, Isaac Kramer, Guy J. Levy, and Yair Mau. Salinity and sodicity can cause hysteresis in soil hydraulic conductivity. arXiv, 2021.
PDF (under review, Geoderma) image

Isaac Kramer, Yuval Bayer, Taiwo Adeyemo, and Yair Mau. Hysteresis in soil hydraulic conductivity as driven by salinity and sodicity: a modeling framework . HESS, 2021.
doi: 10.5194/hess-25-1993-2021
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Isaac Kramer and Yair Mau. Soil degradation risks assessed by the SOTE model for salinity and sodicity. Water Resources Research, 2020.
doi: 10.1029/2020WR027456
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