Visualizations can take a message very, very far. I put a lot of thinking into how to best express an idea. I believe that great graphs greatly improve a scientific paper, and a thoughful graph/animation surely brings home the main point of a talk. Here are a few thoughts on visualizations.



Don’t use the rainbow color map.
Why? Read this, by Robert Kosara.

So how should you choose the colors for a graph?

  • Visit colorbrewer. It gives sequential, diverging and qualitative colormaps that can be chosen to be “colorblind safe”, “print safe”, or “photocopy safe”. Usually, it is the first and only tool I use. It’s just great!
  • Visit Adobe Color CC. It gives you much more freedom to play with the colors than colorbrewer. Use it wisely!

More on color: read Subtleties of Color, by Robert Simmon.

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