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We are looking for excellent graduate students to join our new group. The candidate should have good knowledge in mathematics and physics, and basic programming skills.

Project: Tree water balance in a semiarid pine forest and rates of survival under global climate change

Longer droughts and temperature rise impose severe risks of widespread forest mortality. Drought-adapted trees in semiarid and arid ecosystems cope with water stress by regulating their transpiration rate, thus saving internal water content and avoiding runaway decline in water potential.

Our goal is to characterize how trees manage their water budget in order to increase survival probability under prolonged drought periods.

Our group will approach these objectives by modeling the soil-tree-atmosphere water transport to assess tree survival probability for current and future climate scenarios. A collaboration with an experimental group will provide us data from a research station in the Yatir forest, in the Negev desert (see map above).

Studying the fate of the Yatir forest gives us a window into the future, for it is expected that many ecosystems around the world will face increasing drought stress as a result of climate change.

To apply please send your CV and academic transcript to:
yair.mau at